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Context is Everything

Here at OWL, we believe that context is critical. Without context, information can be misconstrued. With context, information can be understood. While each client engagement is customized and no question is too big or too small, we typically frame our research in one of four familiar contexts: Industry, Customer, Competitive or Influence. But you don’t need to worry about choosing one - OWL will expertly mix and match our research methodologies and approaches to your individual business needs.

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Uncover the dynamics surrounding a particular market

Every industry is unique. From the players, forces and trends influencing it, to the challenges and opportunities confronting it, an understanding of your industry is a necessity of doing business. Done OWL-style, market exploration and analysis delivers recommendations that move you from knowledge to action, and inspire you to boldly make your mark.

Examples of research approaches that can identify industry opportunities include:

  • Market Explorer: Takes a 10,000 foot view to understand the market dynamics at play in the industry.

  • Landscape Monitor: Establishes a consistent, repeatable process for following changes in a market over time.


Discover unmet customer needs

Every successful marketing or communications plan begins with a robust understanding of the customer and their needs. OWL meticulously profiles your customer so you can keep a pulse on what motivates, annoys, and inspires them. Chances are, your customers have an unmet need – and you can be the hero that finally fills the gap.

Examples of research approaches that can discover unmet customer needs include:

  • Listening Campaign: Observes target audience conversations and social media behaviors to better understand their current state of mind.

  • Trend Detector: Uncovers and explains emerging trends impacting your customers or industry.

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Identify areas for differentiation and opportunity

Understanding the competitive landscape is a vital component of any business strategy. Careful study of how leaders, rivals and disruptors are approaching the market can be the difference between industry entrenchment and irrelevance. OWL’s take on competitive intelligence ensures that you are armed with vital information needed to assuredly establish and maintain your competitive position.

Examples of research approaches that can identify competitive opportunities include:

  • Competitor Investigation: Explores competitor brand positioning and points of differentiation to reveal strengths, weaknesses, strengths and opportunities.

  • Strategy Assessment: Identifies and evaluates challenger strategies as a means to anticipate and counteract competitive tactics.


Explore who and what are shaping perceptions

Identifying the people, narratives, platforms and stories that influence your customers can feel like a test of your Google karma, like crossing your fingers and toes in the hopes of finding a needle in the proverbial haystack. OWL finds the needle AND the thread, every time, and ensures that you have the knowledge and tools to proactively tailor your brand’s story.

Examples of research approaches that can explore who and what are influencing your brand narrative include:

  • Influence Finder: Discovers individuals and entities that play a role in shaping the perceptions that surround your industry or brand.

  • Narrative Tracker: Identifies opportunities to strengthen a brand’s master narrative by better integrating brand-driven narratives while co-opting or minimizing organic narratives.

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