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Winning Collaborations

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Whether you identify as advertising, communications, public relations, digital or otherwise, OWL is exceptionally agency friendly. With decades of personal experience to draw from, we understand the pressures and opportunities that an agency environment brings. In fact, we consider our agency relationships to be among our most successful collaborations to date.

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From lone-wolf contributors to teams of planners, OWL works with a wide variety of strategists serving different roles for organizations and brands. We quickly get up to speed on your business and establish the kind of trust that lets you take a sigh of relief. And with quality and insight at the forefront, our research has guided numerous successful business expansion, market leadership and brand differentiation strategies.

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Sympathetic to the dynamics of moving fast without enough time or resources, OWL does the legwork needed to seamlessly step into collaborations with in-house marketing and communications teams. We bring an awareness of broader trends and hot button issues to every engagement to ensure that our work can inspire the most relevant, inventive and resonant communications your team has ever created.

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With an extensive background in communications measurement and analytics, OWL consults and executes across a wide range of brand evaluation initiatives. From capturing data that monitors the momentum of communications initiatives to presenting the results in a compelling way, we can tell you how, what, when and where to measure – and what it all means for your brand.

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