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Research-based consulting for brands large and small.

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We are research librarians with more than thirty-five years of experience conducting media and market analysis for strategy, marketing and communications initiatives.

From our headquarters in Portland, Oregon, we work with brands of all sizes and across a wide range of industries, from local non-profits to Fortune 500 companies.

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In working with OWL, you will encounter a rare combination of art, science and instinct. We strive to connect your research problem with your unique business context, guiding you to understanding and informed action. Data deluges, inklings and mixed signals will transform into creative innovations, competitive edges and winning strategies. Your questions will suddenly inspire rather than confound.

Sound too good to be true? It's not, we promise. 

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Uncover the dynamics surrounding a particular market

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Discover unmet customer needs

Identify areas for differentiation and opportunity

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Explore who and what are shaping perceptions

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From the complexity of healthcare and the technical nature of scientific research to the changing whims of consumer technology preferences, OWL perfectly complements the expertise of brand marketing and communications strategists across a range of industries. Our work consistently enables our clients to anticipate industry shifts, differentiate from competitors and capture attention.

We work best as an extension of your team, and clients can expect an unrivaled level of quality and collaboration when working with OWL. Our clients also know us to be a surprising balance of creativity and precision, with detail and big picture oriented minds – and givers of both wisdom and wisecracks.

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We would be happy to connect about your latest project or research question. Please reach out!

8922 N Kellogg Avenue B2 01, Portland OR 97203

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