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Creative, curious and insightful librarians providing exceptional research-based consulting to brands large and small.


Our Expertise

Here at OWL, we believe that context is critical. Without context, information can be misconstrued. With context, information can be understood. Through careful synthesis of your unique business context, OWL will guide you to understanding and informed action.


In working with OWL, you will encounter a rare combination of art, science and instinct. Data deluges, inklings and mixed signals will transform into creative innovations, competitive edges and winning strategies. Your questions will suddenly inspire rather than confound.

OWL will expertly match research methodologies, approaches and budgets to your individual business needs. From a one-time investigation to ongoing monitoring, no question is too big or too small.

Sound too good to be true? It's not, we promise. OWL achieves all of this by studying your business via four distinct yet interrelated angles.


Uncover the dynamics surrounding a particular market


Explore who and what are shaping perceptions


Discover unmet customer needs


Identify areas for differentiation and opportunity


About The OWLs

We are two research librarians with more than thirty five years of experience conducting media and market analysis for marketing, communications and strategy initiatives.

From our headquarters overlooking the St Johns Bridge in Portland, Oregon, we work with brands of all sizes and across a wide range of industries, from small local businesses to global nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies.


How can we help?

OWL Research Partners

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Emily Wheeler


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